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Halk Caddesi No 165
Bati Atasehir Kadikoy Istanbul
Tel: +90 216 688 3777
Fax: +90 216 688 3778

Clayton Associates was established in 1984, and has become an industry leader in hazardous dust control solutions. Starting with Jim Clayton’s first vacuum for asbestos removal, the company began a legacy of innovation, constantly improving and enhancing the product line to best meet the needs of workers in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. Today, Clayton engineers employ rapid prototyping and on-site testing to produce customized solutions for some of the most technologically advanced aircraft the world has ever seen. Clayton is best known for the ability to design solutions to solve specific dust control problems for our aerospace customers. From sanders designed for trouble areas of the F-22 Raptor, to custom piped systems that help commercial airlines move more planes through their paint hangars, Clayton solutions are engineered to solve our customers’ problems and increase productivity. We strive to provide new and innovative solutions by listening to our customers’ needs and employing rapid concept to market practices.






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