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The Gleeble 3180 is the perfect solution for researchers who require the quality, accuracy, and physical simulation capabilities of a Gleeble system on a more affordable scale. The Gleeble 3180 is a thermal-mechanical physical simulation system well suited for the following applications:

  • Weld HAZ simulation
  • Melting and solidification*
  • Heat treatment
  • Hot tensile tests
  • CCT and CHT with deformation*
  • Continuous casting simulation*
    * optional equipment required.

At the heart of the 3180 are the features for which Gleeble systems are internationally renowned: a closed-loop direct resistance heating system, a closed-loop servo mechanical system, and a Windows® based digital computer control and data acquisition system.

A variety of thermal cycles and heat treatments can be accurately reproduced through the Gleeble's precise computer control and closed-loop direct resistance heating system. Deformation Dilatometry: The 3180 can be equipped to perform CCT work including CCT after deformation. Weld HAZ Cycles can be accurately replicated and analyzed to test material weldability and to improve welding procedures.
  Gleeble 3180 Performance Specifications:
  Maximum Heating Rate    8,000°C/second
  Maximum Stroke Rate    1000 mm/second
  Maximum Stroke    100mm
  Maximum Force    8 tons
  Control Methods    Stroke or Force, Tension or Compression
  Specimen Sizes    Round 5mm to 10 mm diameter
   Square 6mm to 11mm

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