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Hasmak, Goodnature Turkiye temsilciligini ustlenmistir.

www.goodnature-turkiye.com Evolution, Starbucks, Odwalla, Naked, Coca Cola, Krafts, Ryan’s ve Columbia Gorge’nin kullanmakta oldugu Goodnature Meyve Suyu Sikma ve Pastorizasyon Sistemlerinin Turkiye Temsilcilgini ustlenmistir. www.goodnature-turkiye.com Manufacturing juice presses and pasteurizers for small and large companies world-wide. The finest juice comes from Goodnature equipment Cold Press Juice Press Pasteurization Equipment Goodnature has been manufacturing and selling pateurizers for nearly 20 years. Whether you need to pasteurize juice, smoothies, cider, beer, or milk, find your pasteurizer here. HTST Flash Pasteurizers Pure Pulse PEF Calf Milk Pasteurizers

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