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Hasmak, Wessel Hydraulik ’in Turkiye temsilciligini ustlenmistir

Wessel Hydraulik - www.wessel-hydraulik.de hasmak@hasmak.com.tr www.wessel-hydraulic.com www.wessel-hydraulik.de Safety Valves WESSEL Safety Vales are used for safety relevant functions in various applications. They allow safe and smooth operation of the consumer which is actuated by these valves Flow Control Valves WESSEL Flow Control Valves regulate volumeflows of hydraulic consumers in mobile machines. Two- or three-way flow valves ensure that applications are supplied with the optimum volumeflow. Directional Control Valves WESSEL Directional Control Valves are used to operate different functions propor- tionally of switching. E.g. with 6/2-valves a simple doubling of hydraulic functions can be realized for reasonable costs. Lock Valves WESSEL Lock Valves ensure that consumer (e.g. cylinders) are locked leakagefree and avoid unintended movements. Pressure Valves WESSEL Pressure Valves protect consumers or complete hydraulic systems for inadequate high pressure or are used in piloting circuits to control other valves (e.g. Main Control Valve). Electronic Controls WESSEL Electronic Controls operate complex valve systems in mobile applications and stand for high comfort and uncompromising safety. Valve Systems WESSEL Valve Systems are individual control- and regulating systems for complex functions in mobile or stationary hydraulics.

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