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Hasmak SVT GmbH Loading Technology Turkiye Temsilciligini ustlenmistir.

www.svt-gmbh.com We transfer real values. Everything runs smoothly when you choose marine and railcar/tank truck loading systems from SVT. We develop complete solutions that are as individual and high quality as the goods you need to load. For over 40 years, we have aspired to offer: Complete Safety – Complete Satisfaction – Complete Success. Or simply put: Transfer complete. To be completely impressive, each individual detail has to be just right. The special thing about marine and land loading systems from SVT is that not only does everything fit together perfectly, but each individual service also optimizes the overall package. We offer a comprehensive system of loading technology with complete loading stations, keeping the most valuable asset for both of us in mind – success. As the leading global manufacturer of loading arms, SVT develops and produces complete loading systems for the safe loading of liquids and gases. For loading and unloading ships, our ATLANTIC, ARCTIC, PACIFIC, and RIVA series cover the entire spectrum of possible jobs for marine loading arms. Our TERRA range of loading arms for railcars and tank trucks not only encompass the top and bottom loading arms from TERRA-Komplex, TERRA-Duplex, and TERRA-Max, but also complete TERRA loading systems comprised of a loading arm, loading platform, folding stairs, and protective cage. Marine Loading Arms Land Loading Arms Maintenance Spare Parts Although not located on the water, the small city of Schwelm in North Rhine-Westphalia is the perfect place for SVT. The region’s excellent transportation infrastructure means that getting around is easy and fast, and the European seaports, particularly Antwerp and Rotterdam, can be reached quickly. Due to its proximity to the industrial centers in the Ruhr region and the Cologne Lowland, the city has a long-standing tradition of industrial manufacturing. And this creates the perfect conditions to develop, manufacture, and test SVT’s marine and railcar/tank truck loading arms as well as their key components, like ROTAFLEX swivel joints, SVT’s Emergency Release Couplers (ERC), SVT’s Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers, and electrohydraulic control system. The Power of a Medium-Sized Business Today, SVT generates continuously increasing revenues, and yet has not lost the character of a medium-sized business – and herein lies a fundamental strength. SVT has 180 employees, some of whom have worked for the company since the days of Wiese GmbH and Connex GmbH; they stand behind the company and its products with their heart and soul. The healthy mixture of employees with many years of experience and those in the younger generation – many of whom first completed a vocational training program at SVT before starting full time – ensures that knowledge is continuously transfered throughout the company and also give us an incredible ability to innovate. The SVT team and our network of suppliers, many of whom SVT has constructively worked with as partners for decades, are the key success factors in allowing us to repeatedly act flexibly and quickly to continue to meet the widest variety of customer needs. Quality from Schwelm In this context, a strong design team and reliable production process, decades of experience, and continuous quality management with all the necessary certificates are convincing arguments for loading arms from Schwelm. And because practically every loading arm is approved with the customer present during the factory acceptance test at our factory’s own testing facility, Schwelm is now known even in Guangdong and São Paulo. Representatives Worldwide Thanks to our close collaboration with our partners on every continent, SVT has representatives all over the world, which means that every customer has a local contact. Customer service and support in North and Central America is carried out entirely by our subsidiary Connex SVT Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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