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Hasmak Avure Technologies Turkiye temsilciligini ustenmistir.

www.avure.com www.tozmetalurji.com www.isilislem-firini.com Avure is the global leader in contained ultra high pressure, the enabling technology behind some of the world's most critical materials and products, from aircraft parts to pathogen-free foods. Avure remains at the forefront of high pressure processing technology. Both our food division, for HPP systems, and our industrial division, for isostatic, metal forming, and specialty presses, are playing a leadership role in discovering and manufacturing innovative applications of ultra high pressure technology. Isostatic Pressing Advanced Ceramics Aluminum Castings Bonding Diamond Tools HIP Brazing HIP Castings HIP Cladding Industrial Diamonds Medical Implants Metal Filters Offshore Hydraulics Powder Metallurgy Refractory Materials Sputtering Targets Tungsten Carbide High Pressure Processing Emerging HPP Applications Fruits & Vegetables High Pressure Processing of Seafood Juice & Beverages Ready-to-Eat Meat Wet Salads & Dips Sheet Metal Forming Flexform - Introduction The Benefits of Flexform Tooling Design Options Aerospace Solutions Automotive Solutions Low Volume Metal Forming Solutions Isostatic Pressing Cold Isostatic Presses High Temperature Thermocouples High Tonnage Ram Presses Hot Isostatic Presses Isostatic Lamination Presses Sheet Metal Forming High Tonnage Ram Presses Deep Draw Presses Fluid Cell Presses - Circular forming trays Fluid Cell Presses - High volume solutions Fluid Cell Presses - Rectangular forming trays High Pressure Processing QFP 525L-600 2L-700 Lab System HPP Lab Services QFP 100L-600 QFP 215L-600 QFP 320L-400 QFP 350L-600 QFP 35L-600 QFP 687L-300

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