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www.tribotec-yaglayici-turkiye.com TRIBOTEC is a Czech manufacturing company operating in the field of supplies of central lubrication, central lubrication systems, lubrication equipment and hydraulics. Sales and production activities are supported by a consultation and project processing of lubrication, as well as hydraulic, systems and circuits according to customers´ requests and wishes. This support consists of installation, assembly and operational testing at the customer including subsequent optimisation. This is further backed up by other service activities such as preventative maintenance and consultancy. TRIBOTEC produces and supplies systems of loss single-line, multi-line, progressive and two-line central lubrication for oils, soft-greases and plastic lubricants (greases) up to the consistence of NLGI-3, systems of oil re-circulation, spray lubrication systems using plastic lubricants and oils, oil-air lubrication systems, mobile lubrication units, lubrication and filling units for oil and plastic lubricants, central lubrication for traffic engineering and mobile machines, wheel flange lubrication for rail vehicles and combined systems providing solution to a specific customer´s assignment. In the field of hydraulics, the company focuses on the construction of hydraulic power units for the customer´s requirements and comprehensive solutions including project, production and delivery of hydraulic systems according to the customer´s needs. In parallel, TRIBOTEC also manufactures hydraulic distribution manifolds depending on localisation and hydraulic function specified by the customer and pressure hydraulic hoses. The company targets the domestic market of the Czech Republic where has gained trust from several prestigious industrial companies and reached a stable position on this market. More than one third of the domestic income is further exported in the customers´ products, mainly producers of machines, mechanical equipment and technologies. Direct export has been constantly growing, in the last two years it has reached 15 to 20 % of the total production and is related mainly to the European Union market. The company continues the manufacturing tradition of the firms Louis Friedman and ZTS Juranovy Závody Brno. With more than 70 years of experience in the production of lubrication equipment and hydraulics, along with an emphasis on production quality and investments into technical development it provides a high level guarantee for its supplied products and services. The company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001 and is a holder of the Quality Management certificate. The company is situated in the peripheral industrial part of Brno, Horní Heršpice, on the south of Brno agglomeration, approx. 1 km from the motorway connections to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Olomouc. The railway and container terminals, as well as Brno airport, are also in close proximity. The company has approx. 60 employees and 2 170 m of working, storage and administrative areas. These are used for the production of central lubrication and light hydraulics. VEG lubrication pumps are used as a source of pressure lubricant for multi-line central lubrication systems. Due to the variable number of outlets and in a possible combination with pro-gressive distributors, these are recommended for application in larger size circuits, i.e. even for circuits of several tens of lubricated points. VEG lubrication pumps are usually used for permanent and regular lubrication of various machines, engineering technologies and equipment. VEG lubrication pumps are supplied in a variant execution of lubricant tank with a volume of 6, 12, 30 or 60 litres. The tank is made of sheet steel. The number of outlets is selectable from 1 to 20, nominal dose is 3 cm³/min./ outlet with a possibility of regulation up to 40% of nominal dose. Standard electric motors are 230/400V and 500V; for other voltages please consult the supplier. Variant pump for lubrication circuits with progressive distributors of BVA, PRA and PRB series, for stationary and mobile applications. The number of outlets is selectable from 1 to 3. Oil and grease versions with metal (6; 12 litres) or transparent reservoir made of organic glass (2; 4; 8 litres), lubricant level signalling. Supply voltage 12V DC, 24V DC, 115V AC and 230V AC. Continuous lubricant dose adjustment (up to 3.8 cm3/min.), optional safety valve with output pressure adjustment and pressure gauge. Integrated control unit, up to 3 distributor contactless switches connection, possibility of external outputs and signalling. GSM Module programmable by connection to the laptop, Win compatible. SMS alerts: low lubricant level, lubrication cycles error with identification of failed switch, overall working time info, supply voltage outage (after re-connection). ZCA hand-operated lubrication pumps are used as the simplest pressure source in lubrication circuits fitted with progressive distributors. They may be used also as a mobile lubrication pump for occasional lubrication of individual lubricated points of machines and equipment. Built-in ZCA lubrication pumps are usually used for occasional additional lubrication of separate groups of lubricated points of various machines, engineering techno-logies and equipment. Furthermore they can be used as a source of pressure lubricant for the circuits of central lubrication systems of lorries and other mobile machines and equipment. ZCA lubrication pumps are supplied as standard with a 1.3 litre aluminium lubricant tank. Modifications of tank volume, re-fill method, pressure gauge usage and distribution of lubricant dose into more outlets by adding a progressive distributor are possible according to customers' requests. The nominal dose is 2 cm³/stroke. DLM hand-operated lubrication pumps are used as a source of pressure lubricant in the circuits of two-line central lubrication systems. By using two-line dosers, they may be also used for the lubrication of larger numbers of lubricated points - as many as 20 or 50 depending on the lubrication circuit operating conditions. The DLM lubrication pump is supplied for use with plastic lubricant (grease) with a lubricant tank volume of 5 litres, normally fitted with a pressure two-line change-over valve. ACF lubrication pumps are used as pressure lubricant sources for lubrication systems with pro-gressive distributors for perma-nent, regular lubrication of various machines and equipment. Furthermore, they can be applied as a pressure source for central lubrication of mobile machines and equipment, mainly for the chassis of lorries buses and trolley-buses, semi-trailers, trailers, building machines, agriculture and forestry equipment. They are recommended for use in small to medium size lubrication circuits with up to 100 lubricated points. With respect to a variable number of outlets, from 1 to 3, the lubrication pumps of the ACF series may be also used as a direct source of pressure lubricant (multi-outlet lubrication pump). The ACF lubrication pump is supplied with a lubricant tank volume of 2 or 5 litres. Supplied tanks are made of organic glass. The number of outlets is selectable from of 1 to 3. A standard 24V DC electric motor is supplied with protection to IP 65. Lubrication pumps of SMO series, execution for lubricating oils, and SMG, execution for soft-greases, are used as pressure lubricant, oil or soft-grease sources for single-line central lubrication. Lubrication system circuits are fitted with single-line metering valves of SKIE, SKIB and SKIC series using distribution manifolds SRK, or with single-line metering valves of SMIE and SMIB series installed directly into the lubricated point. Lubrication pumps SMO, SMG are supplied with a lubricant tank volume of 1 litre, made of plastic. Nominal dose is set to 13 cm³/operating lever stroke with working pressure 30 bar. The OK - 01 lubrication system is designed for lubricating wheel flanges of trams that are not equipped with pressure air distribution. The system works on the principle of applying lubricant mixture to the contact area of tram wheel flanges with rails by means of pressure air. The mixture of lubricant with air is formed in a mixing device behind the lubrication pump, and it is further conveyed through a divider and jet nozzles without other mechanical parts that can be the source of faults. MOBILE LUBRICATION PUMP Z1P documentation Z1P 40Z1P and 63Z1P mobile lubrication pumps are used for fast and reliable lubrication of bearings, pins and other lubricated points of stationary machine units and equipment, especially in heavy engineering, metallurgy and mining industry that do not have their own built-in lubrication system. They are also used for lubrication of mobile machines, mechanisms and transport vehicles, such as excavators, cranes, trucks, buses, agricultural and forestry equipment and in rail transport etc. The 40Z1P and 63Z1P lubrication pumps are supplied with a 40 and 63 litre lubricant tank and supply nominal doses of 200 cm³/min. and 400 cm³/min respectively. Standard electric motors are 230/400V and 500V, for other voltages please consult the supplier.

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