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TAILOR MADE SHIP UNLOADERS IN ANY SIZE Van Aalst Bulk Handling is a flexible organization directed to assist its customers with tailor made solutions for their loading, unloading and pneumatic conveying projects. Van Aalst Bulk Handling (VABH) provides technical and design assistance, equipment supply and installation supervision. The customer can rely on one experienced and reliable source. Dust-free ship unloading Our pneumatic ship unloading systems are not only the most efficient to unload dusty abrasive bulk materials, but also the most environmentally accepted. Cement, fly ash, china clay, limestone, granulated slag, alumina and borax are unloaded dust-free, complying with environmental standards worldwide. Dry bulk handling of dusty abrasive powders Van Aalst Bulk Handling has a leading position in the market of dry bulk handling of dusty abrasive powders. Our long experience guarantees state of the art solutions based upon proven technology. We deliver pneumatic ship unloaders worldwide. Fixed large installations - up to 1,000 tons per hour and more as well as mobile smaller ones, from 50 tons per hour. Further, we deliver loading systems and storage facilities and many more related products and services. Van Aalst Bulk Handling, Hazerswoude - The Netherlands Van Aalst Bulk Handling is located in The Netherlands, has an office in the U.S.A. and agents in China, Italy, Dubai, Spain, Bangladesh, Brazil and Korea. Van Aalst’s spare parts storage is in Hazerswoude-Dorp, which ensures a quick dispatch of our products all over the world. PNEUMATIC SHIP UNLOADERS WITH HIGH CAPACITY We deliver all you need for high capacity ship unloading terminals for dust free unloading of big ships, with capacities of up to 1,000 tons per hour. These can be fixed installations, pontoon mounted, mobile or gantry mounted. Van Aalst Bulk Handling advises and designs the best solution for your specific situation. All installations are made to measure. The unique features of our pneumatic ship unloaders: dust free operation reduced power consumption due to hurricane aeration system reduced maintenance costs due to use of pinch valves reduced forces in suction arm due to rotating fluidizing nozzle radio remote control For further information contact your nearest VABH Office or Agent. SHIP LOADING SYSTEMS FROM 200 UP TO 2,000 TONS PER HOUR We deliver all equipment for fixed and mobile ship loading terminals. All our products designed for your specific situation and according to your wishes; Made to Measure by Van Aalst Bulk Handling. A non-exhaustive list of our bulk handling products: ship loading pumps dense phase conveying systems ship loading arms, mobile and fixed dome and silo aeration and extraction equipment dust control systems For further information contact your nearest VABH Office or Agent. BULK HANDLING EQUIPMENT FOR DUSTY ABRASIVE MATERIALS Van Aalst Bulk Handling delivers storage facilities, filter systems, dome floors and reclaim equipment - operated manually or fully automated. Complete systems, or parts of it. Directly into bulk trucks or via a storage, e.g. in combination with weighing bridges: we supply it all! Unique features dust free operation tailor made facilities highly cost effective high truck loading capacity

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