•Exothermic Mixtures, insulating covering compounds and anti-piping compounds
•Refractory products for building a disposable insulating working lining in tundisches and insulating ingot heading tiles
•Exothermic materials, feeder sleeves, high-exothermic and high-insulating sleeves and shells for feeding
•Refining-, covering- and cleaning-flux, degasers for non-ferrous metal
•Recarburisers, inoculants and ferroalloy (FeSi, FeMn, SiC,…) for gray cast iron and ductile iron
•Water and alcohol based coatings for sand moulds and cores
•Coatings for chill casting and die casting
•Products for moulding and core making (adhesive for cores and moulds, binders, moulding sand addetives)