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Vacuum Hot Press

Vakum Sicak Pres


FCT Sicak Presleri dusuk difuzyon katsayisi veya sinterleme ile yuksek yogunluklara ulasamayan malzemeler icin kullanilmaktadir, Sicak pres ile bosluksuz optimum mekanik ve termak ozellikler elde edilebilir.



Hot pressing has a limited field of application for such materials which do not sinter to high densities due to low diffusion coefficients or for cases where a pore-free state is required (for optimum mechanical, thermal or optical properties).

Application of hot pressing in the field of ceramics include:

  • Sintered silicon nitride and sialon with excellent mechanical properties (e.g. cutting tools, turbocharger rotors, engine components)
  • Silicon nitride, mixed ceramics of Al2O3, TiC/TiN and sialon for cutting tools, components of heavy-duty valves, bearings, wear parts for process technology.
  • PLZT (lead-lanthan-zircon-titanate) and other high developed functional ceramic (O2 atmosphere)
  • Boron carbide (B4C) for extremely wear resistant parts and armors.
  • SiC whisker reinforced Al2O3 for cutting tools
  • MMC and CMC materials, composite materials
  • Sputter targets
Hotpressing technology is applied variously in fundamental research and production.

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