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FinePart Precision Cut

We make premium machines for ultra precision manufacturing. The machines use micro abrasive waterjet for drilling, cutting, milling and turning.

Micro abrasive waterjet is a cold process that does not influence material properties. It can be used for virtually all materials and is especially suitable for advanced materials such as sensitive alloys, high-strength materials, ceramics and combined materials.

With our technology you can make narrow cutting of small complex geometries as well as fine features on large parts. Our loadstar is precision and the tolerance for cut part is 0.01 mm. The smallest radii is down to 0.1 mm and surface finishes down to 0.8 mm (Ra) can be achieved.

If you need a nice shiny surface, we can also offer a finishing solution based on magnetic polishing.


Polish- and deburring equipment for

– CNC-turned parts
– Injection moulding, eg zink and aluminum
– stainless steel
– Fine stamped parts
– Fine abrasive waterjet cut parts
– Wire EDM parts
– Jewellery from casting or cutting

Used in

– Fine mechanic industries
– Medical device
– Aerospace (e g titium, light alloys, inconel)
… and much more.

Finespin® – efficient finish Quick and Easy

• Specially designed for handling parts of complex geometries. Suitable for holes and small features and miniature parts.
• Deburring, edge rounding, polishing, and cleaning in one operation.
• Quick, Easy and safe use.
• Consumables have long Life time – low running cost.
• Operator panel with touch screen and intuitive HMI make the machine easy to set up and optimise for the present task.

The Finespin-process is based on impact polishing wich has virtually no material removal, although it does have a fine polishing agent
– Does not deform work pieces
– Does not damage part surfaces
– Does not affect the parts tolerances



FineCut WMC 500II

Non-thermal precision cutting of virtually all materials
» Smallest jet size on the market
» Cuts thin structures and complex geometries
» Leading precision, excellent surface finish
» User friendly, easy to operate, easy to service
» Pioneering development


How small is the jet?

Whereas traditional abrasive waterjets have diameters  down to 0.38 mm, micro abrasive waterjets are even finer. Typical micro abrasive waterjets are 0.3 mm and 0.2  mm. Our ongoing development will soon result in even  smaller sizes.

Cuts through layers of different materials

The micro abrasive waterjet is effective also in combined  materials that have disparate properties, such as carbon  fibre reinforced epoxy with titanium inlays.

Narrow parallel cuts, ideal for thin sections

Even if the jet velocity is high, the force of the jet is low.  Consequently, thin sections down to 0.1 mm can be cut  without damaging the material

Fixturing solutions for complex geometry

The jet cuts omnidirectionally while the fixturing solutions  reorient the workpiece. The movement of the jet and the  workpiece is synchronized, allowing highly complex geometries and shell structrures to be created.

High tolerances and fine finish

Depending on the part material and size, tolerances can  come down to ±0.01 mm. The technology can accomplish surface roughness values below 1,6 µm (Ra). For hard  materials, roughness values can be below 0.8 µm (Ra).

Non-thermal cutting

The micro abrasive waterjet is a non-thermal cutting process and does not change the material. Surfaces produced  will be free from adverse mechanical and thermal effects.  Also no subsequent processing is required.




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