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We would like to express our appreciation on your ongoing support and understanding Toyo Valve Co., Ltd.

Since its founding, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacture high-quality valves by use a technology and know-how cultivated in a 90 years company history in respond to all customers' essential requests such as Price, Quality and Delivery.
We again go back to the principle of the manufacturing and through continuous self study, we will make every effort to improve the technology and services for customer's satisfaction.

Furthermore we will actively address environmental and energy related issues as a company responsibility. We put strong focus on our newly developed environmental business unit for the contribution to the society, and are aiming to earn the trust from all customers and society.


General product range
Gate, Globe, Check Butterfly and Ball Valves, Strainer
Temperature Range -29ºC to + 220ºC (-20ºF to + 428ºF)
Size Range 1/2”to 24”
Pressure Range ANSI Class 150 # to 300 #, JIS 5K to 30K
Materials Stainless Steel / Ductile Iron / Cast Iron / Bronze / Brass

Toyo/Red-White's Valves-Meeting the Wide Range of Industries' Needs

Complemented by complete lines of high quality products, Toyo/Red-White's valves have steadily contributed to a wide field of industrial development, from housing to electric power.
Today, as an international enterprise Toyo Valve Co,. Ltd. markets its products, not only domestically but in more than 100 countries overseas, and thus has assisted improvements in environmental and industrial growth worldwide.
One major feature of which Toyo Valve can be pround is its comprehensive after-sale servicing system that ensures long and trouble-free usage of Toyo/Red-White's quality products.

Toyo Valve's diverse and innovative products result from an integrated production system that encompasses casting, processing, assembling and shipping, and is supported by our outstanding technical capabilities and rich know-how. We endeavor to streamline each process in pursuit of enhanced productivity and efficiency throughout. Scrupulous attention is paid to quality control,and we have established a system that delivers high quality products quickly.

Toyo Valve built its development and manufacturing plant base in 1977. Surrounded by rich natural environment, our integrated development and production system employs state-of-the-art equipment at all stages, from research and development through production and inspection, to give rise to products that meet our customer's diverse needs.

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