HHV Extrusion Mill – Aerospace extrusion

The Modig HHV Extrusion Mill has been designed as a universal machining center for aerospace extrusion components. It has the capability of bar stock machining both Aluminium and Composite components in one single operation or setting.

The HHV Extrusion Mill was developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and from its introduction in 2010, it quickly rose to become the first choice of leading aircraft producers.

Tests have also been made on bar stock materials by our profiling machine revealed reduced machining time per part of approximately 30% compared with standard three and four axis machining. At one of the world’s leading airplane builders, we measured a reduced processing time of 50%.

Modig has been building profiling machines since 1988. Over the years, more than 30,000 drawings of machines and components have been analyzed and evaluated. This means that Modig has acquired a depth of knowledge and experience that is unique in the world. This is the knowledge that has been our source of guidance for the development of the HHV.



Excels at these parts:

• All extrusions within 6×10” cross section

• Seat tracks

• Floor beams

• Stringer clips/brackets

• Fuselage stringers

• Stowage bin structures

• Fuselage floor grid components