HHV Professional –  High productivity, extraordinary precision

Many third tier suppliers to the aerospace industry balk at investing in latest generation machining centers due to concerns about return on investment. The HHV Professional solves this problem – producing the vast majority of extrusion mill parts demanded by your customers and enabling you to bid lower contract prices yet increase margins. The two-chuck HHV Professional extrusion mill will protect your competitive place in a market characterized by price compression and intense competi- tion. Accommodating aluminum and carbon fiber parts, the HHV Professional delivers high productivity, extraordinary precision and repeatability yet occupies a surprisingly small footprint.

HHV Professional

Excels at these parts:

• All shaped extrusions up to 6”x10” cross section

• Stowage bin structures

• Floor beams

• Stringer clips and brackets

• Seat tracks

• Fuselage floor grid components