Modig Rigimill
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Long bed machining with RigiMill – The market’s first “two in one” machine for heavy machining in titanium.

For the first time ever it is possible to operate one machine for optimal roughing and optimal finishing. RigiMill, long bed machining – two different machines on one bed, configured with the customized gantries you require for milling aluminum or titanium. Our footprint occupies one-third less space than other gantries. Cycle time is reduced 30-50%.

Just think what that does to optimize productivity and reduce tooling costs. Per minute chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches in titanium and 850 cubic inches in aluminum make this machine a world leader.

Rigimill - Heavy machining in titanium


·         First 2 in 1 machine in the world

·         One roughing and one finishing spindle

·         Small footprint width 2,5 meters height 2,5 meters, lengths depending on the part

·         Gantry type

·         Robot tool changer

·         15000 cubic centimeter chip removal in aluminum

·         860 cubic centimeter chip removal in titanium

·         Typical Parts: Spars, stringers, structural parts, landing gears etc..

·         Titanium seat track

·         Titanium stringers

·         Titanium spar

·         Titanium seat track machining

·         Titanium stringers machining

·         Titanium spar machinig

·         Titanium machining

·         Aerospace titanium machining

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