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The laser microJet Technology

The laser microJet (lmJ) is a hybrid method of machining,  which combines a laser with a “hair-thin” water jet that precisely guides the laser beam by means of total internal  reflection in a manner similar to conventional optical  fibers. The water jet continually cools the cutting zone and  efficiently removes debris.

As a “cold, clean and controlled laser”, Synova's lmJ  technology resolves the significant problems associated with dry lasers such as thermal damage, contamination,  deformation, debris deposition, oxidation, micro-cracks, lack of accuracy and taper.

Technical Parameters


Diode-pumped solid-state pulsed Nd:y AG lasers with pulse durations in the micro- or nano- second range, operating at 1064, 532 or 355 nm
Average laser power ranges from 20 to 400 w


Pure deionised and filtered water
Water consumption is low due to “hair-thin” jet: approx. 10 litre/hour at 50-800 bar pressure
Resulting forces exerted are negligible (<0.1 n="" p="">


Nozzles made of sapphire or diamond, as these materials’ hardness enables the generation  of a long, stable water jet over a long period of time without requiring replacement
Diameter range: 25-100 μm

Advanced Micro Machining Applications
INTERTECH 2017 Diamond Tools Cutting
Water Jet Guided Laser: Towards Near Net-shape Machining
Green Fiber Laser MicroJet Processing of Watch Parts
Industrial Applications
Hybrid Cell
LCS 250
MCS Series
LCS 50
LCS 150/300
DCS 50


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