FlexiMill – Milling Machine Center

FlexiMill is game changing technology with unparalleled uptime. This 6-axis machining center for aluminum and composite delivers enviable quality for a reasonable investment. It is based on a cast iron bed which makes the machine moveable and only requires a simple and inexpensive foundation. FlexiMill can be installed with an open machine cover or in a completely sealed machining area. Unparalleled milling capacity for large, complex components.

FlexiMill Milling Machine Center

FlexiMill Milling Machine Center


·         Developed 2013

·         6 axis horizontal machine

·         No special foundation

·         Variety of CNC fixture to clamp the parts

·         Working envelope X=6000mm Y=1500mm Z= 1900mm

·         Made for machining in composite and aluminum

·         Typical parts: Nacelle, panels, Frames, Assembled structural parts etc…

Excels at these parts:

 ·        Lower/upper crown frames

·         Fuselage stringers

·         Wing box

·         Panels         

·         Skins

·         Nacelle

·         Alleron panels/structures

·         Winglets

·         Vertical/horizontal stabilizers